Russ McEwen Family Aquatic Center


With the scorching heat of summer fast approaching, those in Big Spring may need to look elsewhere to cool off this season.

Back in April, an unattended contract company’s crane crashed into the Russ McEwen Family Aquatic Center, causing extensive damage to its chemical, pump, and electrical room. The City of Big Spring announced Tuesday, it will be closed for business come Summer 2019.

“Our main outing for the week is honestly going to Walmart,” said Big Spring resident and mother of two, Darby Campbell.  “I mean I don’t really want to drive to Midland, you know…” She says there are not many options for kid activities in Big Spring within reasonable distance.

“I don’t really have much to do as a stay-at-home mom, so I was looking forward to taking my kids to the aquatics center – something for us to do during the day. But, I guess we can’t now,” said Campbell.

For grandmother, Lou Sherman, she says she sees the struggle first-hand as well. The aquatic center has not only been a crucial part of her grandkids’ summer vacation, but for the residents of smaller towns nearby. “I mean people from all around come here, and see it, and go play. You got little towns like Coahoma, Garden City… because they don’t have stuff like that and they bring their kids. So, Big Spring is going to lose a lot of money, too.”

Both Campbell and Sherman are hoping for good news.

“If it’s not the city’s fault, then they should at least help pay for the repair,” said Campbell.” Sherman added, “I think they could finish it before the summer if they wanted to, but I don’t think they really want to.”

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