RSV cases in children in West Texas


ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar)- A spike in numbers in RSV cases in West Texas has children among the most vulnerable.

Nurse practitioner at Pedi-Care Children’s Clinic, Amy Carillo said for the last few weeks one to two patients test positive for RSV daily.

Carrillo said it’s very unusual to see this many RSV cases during the summer months because RSV is more common during the winter.

“This time last year we didn’t really have any cases of RSV, so it’s quite unusual that we are seeing as many as we are now,” Carillo said.

The mother of an 11 month-old baby, Alissa Ashley tells us she was suspicious and decided to bring her baby to get tested.

“It can be extremely dangerous for these babies. RSV can lead to pneumonia and that just gets worse from there,” Ashley said.

The concerned father of 2-year-old Emma Nicole, Florentino Nava said he became worried after his daughter showed symptoms.

“I took off work, so that way I can get her tested because I was really worried about her,” Nava said.

Carillo says adults can also carry the virus but they may experience milder symptoms.

“With children especially those less than five, you want to know if they have it because it can be more severe especially in the younger folks,” Carillo said.

According to the CDC symptoms to look out for are runny nose, cough, sneezing, fever, congestion, and whizzing.

“Parents getting aware and getting tested if their child has symptoms is key to help prevent the spread
of the virus,” Carrillo said.

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