Robin Hood Law Provision


The Robin Hood Law of Texas States that School Districts with property wealth above a certain level are required to “share the wealth” with poorer districts. A new revision to the Robin Hood Law will allow wealthier districts to cut one check and put it in the bank so that it gains interest.

Texas Representative, Brooks Landgraf, says “that’s important because school distrcts can leave that money in the bank and earn interest off of it.”    

Allowing paying districts to keep more money without hurting recieving districts. “You can do some good without having to hurt anybody in the process,” says Representative Landgraf. 

Adding that ‘pay in districts’ can use the extra money to increase pay for teachers among other ways. An idea that Superintendent Jay McWilliams has put some thought to. “As it stands right now, this is just early results, that would be over three-million dollars for us. That can be very benificia for Big Sping ISD,” Big Spring Superintendent Jay McWilliams says. 

Mcwilliams adds that although he is waiting to see these changes on paper he looks forward to 
What could come from the extra money in Big Spring. 

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