Research being done on non-invasive male birth control


A study being conducted in California, Washington and Kansas could yield a form of non-invasive birth control for men. It’s as simple as applying a gel to your shoulder daily.

It seems to me if this was commercially available and the side effects were equivalent to or less than what women are currently going through with the birth control that is marketed to them … I’d be game for it.

Tristan Kline

Since 1960, the burden for birth control ahs fallen on the shoulders of women. Doctors hope this could change that – literally. The effects are said to be temporary. The gel would reduce sperm count to zero.

Birth control is good for us too because of the following reason that not only women have to go rthough a process of messing up their body but for us too we have to be responsible doing what we are going to do when we have sexual relationships.

Edmar Marquez

However, everyone we spoke to doesn’t agree.

I dont really condone any kind of male or female birth control. I think if it happens it happens it’s God’s will. You’re nbot supposed to be able to dictate whether or not you have a kid or not.

Pedro Montano

Doctors hope this form of birth control will lead to less unplanned pregnancies. According to studies, 45 to 50 percent of American born babies are unplanned. The CDC warns that condoms – the other non-invasive form of male birth control – only work 82 percent of the time. The doctors performing the study hope the gel will be near 100 percent guarantee.

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