Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio visited Virginia’s 10th District on Sunday, for a rally at Patrick Henry College in Purcellville. Hundreds of people attended.

“First we have to win, and if you nominate me, we will win this election,” Rubio said during his rally on Sunday.

“Of all the candidates, Rubio seems to have the firmest grasp on national security and all the other domestic issues that are facing us,” Fairfax resident Mark Spivey said.

Rubio spoke about free enterprise, America’s future and his feelings towards other candidates, like rival Donald Trump.

“He says he’s going to be strong for the American worker, but what Donald Trump leaves out is that in his hotels, he doesn’t hire American workers…he hires over a thousand people from other countries,” Rubio said. “Hillary Clinton is not qualified to be the president of the United States. Bernie is actually a nice guy, but he’s a socialist.”

Congresswoman Barbara Comstock also came out to support Rubio.

“I came out in support for Marco back in December, because I’ve known him since 2009,” she said. “I met him, and saw that he was a strong, common sense conservative.”

Although most of the people were rallying to support Rubio, there were some who were against him, as well. A man that was escorted out of the rally gave his take on why.

“We went up there today with signs that said ‘Marco Rubio is an empty suit,’ and we had suits in our hands,” said Washington resident Collin Rees. “I really do feel that way, because I feel like he’s all talk and no promise.”

But others who support him stand by their word.

“I really like Rubio…he’s the best person,” Fairfax resident Claire Spivey added.

Rubio’s campaign will also be visiting Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas and Oklahoma on Monday, in preparation for Super Tuesday this week.