Remarkable Women: Peggy Dean


Odessa, TEXAS (ABC Big 2) – Once Peggy Dean moved here from New Mexico, she fell in love.

“I love Odessa because Odessa has loved me from the day I got here. I take such pride in Odessa, and pride in the people, and pride in the place that I live, “says Remarkable Women finalist Peggy Dean.

She has spent years trying to serve her community, like her time on city council, and her service on the YMCA’s Board of Directors. That’s how Yvonne Rosas met her.

“I definitely see how much she gives of herself, whether it’s the labor of love or it might be giving to the community of Odessa. I see all those different elements, and that’s the things I value as far as somebody who it working out in our community and doing what we can to make it a better place for our kids,” says nominator Yvonne Rosas.

Peggy Dean has a daughter she is very proud of, and she has enough love in her heart to make connections wherever she goes. Dean has spent years traveling the world, but the place she considers home is right here in Odessa. She’s very passionate about helping out some of the most vulnerable people in the community, because she knows how tough it can be.

“My childhood was not the best. In many, many ways. And I have always really…when I left home and went to college, I said,’ You know, I’m going to spend my life working on things that are important to women and children specifically,’ ” says Dean.

When Rosas-a business acquaintance- asked her to donate money fro Dancing with the West Texas Stars to benefit the Crisis Center of West Texas- she didn’t hesitate.

“She said, ‘Sure, I’ll do it.’ Five thousand dollars. I was like, ‘Wow, you know. How impressive. She doesn’t even know who I am.’ She decided it was for the community in need and didn’t even question the ability to give for me,” says Rosas.

Dean played a big role in opening the Louise Wood Angel House, a shelter for adults and children suffering violence. As Rosas will tell you, Peggy Dean does not do anything for recognition. She does it because she truly cares.

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