MIDLAND, TX. (NEXSTAR) — There are many Remarkable Women across the basin, including Dr. Angelica Ramsey. She’s the superintendent of Midland ISD, and taking care of others is something she’s been doing her whole life.
“Just having to grow up a little bit faster because you do have to take care of yourself. So all of those things play a role and kind of who you are and I think it made me stronger and it made me appreciate everything I have now.” said Ramsey.

Doctor Ramsey was born in California, and was the youngest of 6 siblings. She says the way she grew up might have been different than most.

“So my dad was born in 1923 and by the time I was in high school my dad had a really bad stroke and so he was wheelchair-bound and so it was really difficult. I was his primary caregiver and so either I went to school or I didn’t go to school and I actually dropped out of high school very briefly.” said Ramsey.

Angelica says it was another remarkable woman in her community, a school support staff member, who stepped in to help out.

“I was honest, and I said I need a ride because since I will get my dad up in the morning any set back whether he was having trouble eating, chewing, or maybe when changing clothes, I will would miss the bus so a lot of days I would miss first period Then my second thing I said to her, was that I needed a job.” said Ramsey.

To go on and eventually become the superintendent one day, she thought would be a reach.

“So I went to school, it took me a really long time, I worked full-time while I was in college, that took me six years, I was on that six year plan.”

Those trials and tribulations made her into the educator and the woman she is today.

“So I tell kids all the time it doesn’t matter how long it takes you, finish what you started.” said Ramsey.

She’s also a veteran. She had joined the military and that’s where she met her husband.
But she had to get out to take care of her mother who was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.

“We did lose both my parents were young, I was 18 when my dad passed away, and I was 25 when my mom died, but I think that it made me kind of appreciate life more.” said Ramsey.

Always taking care of others, led her into the path of education.

“So what I do think is that it provided me kind of perspective to not take anything for granted to always take care of others.” said Ramsey.