MIDLAND, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) – The holidays bring so many families together to celebrate their love and holiday spirit, and for two Midland women, showcasing their love for the community through their holiday spirit is what makes them remarkable women.

“Those little girls, knocking on doors saying, ‘Would you like to buy some burlap flowers?’ I couldn’t have imagined that 38 years later, sisters, best friends, co-owners, it’s just been a wonderful journey.”

Becky McCraney and her sister Kathy Harrison are the owners of Miss Cayce’s Wonderland in Midland

They grew up with endless ideas and eventually, built a Christmas dream.

The two opened the magical store back in 1984 and never looked back, and now 38-years later, they’re still going strong.

For the two of them, staying home in West Texas was the biggest difference. That’s why they said they have given back to nearly every one in the Midland area.

“We’ve grown up here, we were raised here, went to school here, went to church here, have a lot of friends and family here,” said Harrison with a huge smile across her face. “So being a part of the community is a wonderful thing so we love shopping local, we love supporting our local stores and businesses, we think that’s extremely important because, you know, that puts dollars back in to your community.”

To most, 38 years might seem like a long time ago, but to the sisters, time really does fly when your having fun. Now, being recognized as remarkable women is an absolute honor.

Harrison beamed, “We’re so appreciative of our community and so blessed by the community and so it’s hard to believe that it has been 38 years, in some ways it’s just flown by and in others its just ‘oh my gosh, we’re just…”

McCraney followed with, “Excited, humbled, and honored, we love West Texas, and to be a part of this community is just, it means everything to us.”

Becky and Kathy said they couldn’t have done any of this without other remarkable women by their side, and the amazing support from the rest of the community.

“The store is named after our grandmother, who was, her maiden name was Cayce, and she had four sisters and those girls were very remarkable women. And our mom is a remarkable woman, she has just been such a blessing and an encouragement to us,” said Harrison. “And you know, our dad let us do things in his workshop, he taught us how to sand and how to cut, and…”

“Our families, our husbands, our kids. I mean, we couldn’t have done it without our husbands, they’re still very involved and our family has just shown us the love and support, like the community has,” finished McCraney.

Showing off their holiday spirit will always be a must for the Miss Cayce’s Wonderland owners and hope that if anyone needs to brighten their day, they hope that Miss Cayce’s can be that for them.

“If you have not been to Miss Cayce’s, you are missing an incredible shopping experience, I mean, it’s just like, it’s like we said, it’s a happy place, it’s a feel good place, if you can’t get in the mood, or get inspiration here, you’re just bahumbug!” laughed Harrison.

“And if you’ve got a bahumbug in you, we’re gonna kick it out of you the second you come in the door because it’s gonna be great,” uttered McCraney.