The proposed Reeve’s County Truck Reliever Route will provide an alternate route for intercity traffic to bypassThe Pecos Central Business District 

Concerned Citizen, Howdy Lisenbee, says “the growth we’re seeing and the truck traffic that we are seeing, it shortens the lifespan of those roads.”

 County Judge Leo Hung said in a press release that “the energy exploration withing the Permian and Delaware Basin’s has caused a dramatic traffic increase within Pecos”

Listenbee says he can see the damage already. “Yes we do see some deterioration of the road quality.”

Not only would the new route help with pot holes but it would also include a 3 to 4-lane divided road way based on traffic counts.
“When roadways are constructed they have an expected life span and its usually based on volumes of traffic,” says Howdy 

As for the location? Officials say it would encircle the Pecos CBD and surrounding areas. They encourage the public to attend the public meeting on May 23.

“I hope to. I hope to attend that, yes mam,” says Listenbee.