REEVES COUNTY, Texas (KMID/KPEJ)- In observance of Law Enforcement Week, the Reeves County Sheriff’s Office recognized one of their jailers with the Medal of Valor, Juan Muñoz.

On July 8th, 2022, at approximately 10pm, Reeves County Sheriff’s Office Jailer Juan Muñoz and Javier Avila were conducting medication distribution in one of the cell blocks. Jailer Avila entered the cell block to check on an inmate that did not approach the cell door to receive his medications. As Jailer Avila approached the inmate’s cell, another inmate brutally attacked him with a shank. 

Jailer Muñoz, guarding the entrance to the cell block and without hesitation or regard for his safety, ran into the aid of Jailer Avila. Jailer Munoz stopped the attack on Jailer Avila but was slashed in the neck in the process. Jailer Muñoz fought off the inmate giving himself and Jailer Avila a surviving chance to escape the cell block alive. In that brutal attack, both jailers sustained serious slashes and stabs to the neck. 

For going above and beyond on the call of duty and exhibiting exceptional courage to save the life of a fellow jailer, Juan Muñoz demonstrated heroism in the face of danger, earning the respect and admiration for himself, the Reeves County Sheriff’s Office, and the community of Reeves County Texas.