Rattlesnake season, what experts are saying about these venomous reptiles


MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar) – March through October is rattlesnake season according to scientist Michael Nickell, Naturalist and Scientist with the Sibley Nature Center and he says that people are likely seeing more rattlesnakes slithering around as a result of the sudden temperature changes.

According to research at the center Rattlesnakes sense vibrations. With all of the new construction happening in Midland, people who live in the area can expect to see more of these reptiles.

“This is their habitat right here and humans are moving in and building upon it,” says Nickell

Nickells advises people to contact resources like animal control if they ever come in contact with a Rattlesnake.

“I would not recommend trying to catch it or kill it but instead call animal control..somebody who is a professional at doing this sort of thing,” says Nickell

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