Rain brings abundance of plants to Midland park, a paradise for upcoming butterfly migration


Zizotes Milkweed seed pod. Courtesy: Keep Midland Beautiful

MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar)- Have you noticed the flag markers and un-mowed grass at Windlands Park?

An abundance of rainfall has brought on milkweed growth as well as an abundance of wildflowers and native grasses. Now, Windlands Park has become a ‘pollinator paradise’, a good thing for Monarch butterflies. 

Every fall, the butterflies migrate from Canada and the northern United States, where they breed, to Mexico, where they hibernate. And the Basin lies right in their migration path. Now, the new foliage in Midland will provide an ample food source for the beautiful, winged insects. The butterflies are particularly drawn to the milkweed. In fact, more than 450 insects are known to feed on some portion of the plant. 

Keep Midland Beautiful says volunteers are working together to form a plan to keep park goers safe while also allowing the newly grown plants to thrive. So, keep your eyes on the skies; soon those butterflies will fly through the area. 

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