WINK, Texas (KMID/KPEJ)- The Hawley High School Bearcats battled the Anthony High School Wildcats Thursday night in Wink as both teams gathered to play in a bi-district playoff game at a neutral site. The Bearcats, a team from the Abilene area, defeated the Wildcats, of El Paso County 63-18, but it wasn’t the score that left many fans in a state of shock, but rather a voice captured on a live-stream broadcast of the game that levied racist remarks toward the El Paso area players. 

Live-stream cameras captured a male voice in the stands commenting on the size of the players from the Anthony High School team. “These guys are just pitiful to watch…I thought they’d have some pretty decent sized…you know, some chalupa (eating) bastards…but they’re pretty small, honestly,” the voice said. 

Hawley ISD Superintendent Dr. Cassidy McBrayer issued the following statement about the incident:

Late this afternoon, Hawley ISD was made aware of inappropriate comments made during half-time of the playoff game last night. We received a copy of the video, which was captured outside the press box with the NFHS camera that belongs to Wink. Our local announcers were not involved in the incident. We do not even have announcers that were recording in association with that camera link. 

The inappropriate comments were made by a spectator near the press box. As we had not only Hawley ISD, but several Wink ISD fans and students, we are not certain we can identify the individual who made the comments. I am certain that it was not our local announcers. They did not even have connection during half-time. 

Several individuals who were listening to that broadcast have confirmed that it was not stated by Bearcats announcers, and that our broadcast feed was dead during halftime. We do not, IN ANY WAY, condone the behavior, and if we identify that individual as a Hawley staff or student, it will be handled immediately. If the individual is a Hawley fan, we will address that as well. 

It is heartbreaking that any individual can make such derogatory comments, especially directed at student athletes on either side. Just this morning, I emailed the superintendent, high school principal, and athletic director from Anthony, thanking them for their students’ interactions with our kids. Then, for this to happen this afternoon, is awful. As the superintendent, I personally would like to express my sincere apologies to the students at Anthony. The comments and behavior are inexcusable. We are angered that Hawley has been portrayed this way, and assure both Anthony and Hawley communities, if we are able to determine the individual responsible, we will address it.

Dr. Cassidy McBrayer