QuaranTEEN: Local students put on musical which focuses on bullying


QuaranTEEN: The Musical

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ODESSA, Texas (FOX 24) –

For the first time since the pandemic, some local students are able to perform. They’re putting on a unique musical and it’s meant to send a strong message.

There’s singing, dancing and lots of drama.

QuaranTEEN: The Musical

“I like the dance part,” said Chris Van Syoc, First Odessa Christian Academy student.

It’s called Quaranteen: The Musical.

“I hope they laugh so hard, because I think it’s really funny. It’s definately a cringy, campy kind of Disney Channel kind of funny,” said Emily Baker, First Odessa Christian Academy Choir Director.

A group of students from First Odessa Christian Academy are the stars of the show.

“We actually get to be on a stage now, so that’s very fun,” said Lauren Jackson, First Odessa Christian Academy student.

But it’s not only fun for these middle school students, they’re hoping people take away an important lesson.

“I want people to see that bullying really is not okay,” said Abbey Dawson, First Odessa Christian Academy student.

“I hope they take away the lesson that kindness is always the right thing,” said Adaceli Anaya, First Odessa Christian Academy student.

“You should treat people the way you want to be treated,” said Conner Brooks, First Odessa Christian Academy student.

“If they’re teasing a kid, stick up for that kid,” said Shelby Magallanes, First Odessa Christian Academy student.

“Don’t judge people based on their looks,” said Chris Van Syoc, First Odessa Christian Academy student.

A simple message that bullying is wrong.

“I think during the pandemic, things like bullying, depression in children specifically have been magnified because so many people have felt so alone. I think this story draws attention to bullying and unkind behaviors and it does it in a little bit of a light-hearted way,” said Baker.

You can catch QuaranTEEN: the Musical Saturday at 7 pm at the First Baptist Odessa Church auditorium. Tickets are $10.

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