ODESSA, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) – An Odessa family is speaking out after becoming one of the latest victims of porch pirates, and they’re doing it because they want to see justice served and because they don’t want their friends, neighbors, or anyone in West Texas to become victims as well.

“You feel violated. Someone comes up to your own private residence and your door, and takes your belongings. No respect,” said porch pirate victim Jason Hewett.

Hewett and his fiancé are understandably angry after watching security camera footage of a porch pirate stealing their stuff, and they’re not the only victims in the Mission Dorado neighborhood. Their neighbor also caught the same woman stealing on a door camera.

“It does make you make choices on how you ship out your packages. We probably won’t leave them on the door anymore,” said Hewett.

The Odessa Police Department which is currently investigating the thefts agrees with that advice.

“If I order through Amazon, they have options where you can click and have it delivered to a different location,” said Odessa Police Department Detective Yolanda Medrano.

Detective Medrano recommends having your packages delivered to a business where you can pick them up or to a trusted neighbor you know is going to be home. She also says that having security cameras like the one used by the Hewett family gives police a legitimate shot at catching porch pirates.