A 19-year-old man is facing 17 counts of pre-mediated murder in the horrific Florida school shooting Wednesday afternoon. 

Nikolas Cruz had his first court appearance on Thursday afternoon. 

Local attorney Justin Low says it can be difficult for the attorney’s who are assigned to these kind of high-profile cases. 

“When you get a client that’s charged with a horrific crime like this and there’s a lot of media saturation about the case, your client becomes very notorious,” said Low. 

As a result, the attorney representing the client can also unintentionally become just as notable. 

“The alleged crimes of the defendant will often get projected on to the attorney and the people will associate you with that person and treat you as such,” said Low. 

Association that Low knows all too well. 

Over the years, Low has been a part of several high profile cases here in West Texas, including the murder trial of Gabe McDonald. 

“Nobody’s going to talk good about you and that includes your family. It will reflect on to your family,” said Low. 

Low says when incidents like the Florida shooting happen, people tend to overlook the importance of due process.

“The nature of the human being is still there wanting to see justice to happen instantly, and it’s understandable, but it doesn’t fit with what our systems all about,” said Low. 

Low reminds people that Cruz’s attorney and many others are just fulfilling their duty. 

“Some attorney somewhere has to do that job and when the attorney comes to do that job he’s just doing his job, it’s not…the attorney didn’t commit the crime, the attorney’s not advocating what happened,” said Low. 

According to Low, he believes it’ll take the attorney’s a long time to find an unbiased jury, and he believes moving the trial location is a possibility as well.