Protection from robocalls


You may have received a local call number thinking it could be someone that you may know and once you pick up, you may hear silence or maybe a person asking for personal information,  but
-it’s-a robocall.

One Odessa resident expressed a recent robocall he received where the caller asked money for a car payment. 

“I thought it was a real person talking and the person kept on talking over me,” said Nicholas Dugan. “Well, I don’t have a car payment right now my mom pays it, and so I thought maybe it was her…then I realized it was a robocall.” 

There have been over 4.7 billion robocalls made across the country. 

Texas led the country with over 500 million robocalls back in may. The caller posing as everyday services. ​​​​​​​

Sheriff Mike Griffis, Ector County, shared what he does when he received those calls. 

”Car insurance, health insurance, home alarms I get some of those on a daily basis,” said Sheriff Griffis. ”I just don’t answer them.”

Though the sheriff receives robocalls himself, he gives one piece of advice for the locals.  

“Get with their phone provider and try to get a call filter,” he says. “Or some sort  to put on their phone or app that will help protect them.”

While registering for the “Do not call list” helps, you can also download apps on your smartphone to help filter those robocalls. 

Download the Yourbasin App on the Apple App Store or Google Play today. 

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