Prince Leaving Behind More Than His Music


It has been almost a week since pop legend Prince passed away. Officials are still waiting for the details from Prince’s autopsy conducted this past weekend.

Sam Logan, co-owner of Endless Horizons record shop says “One thing I always respected him for, was he was always about musicians rights. And musicians getting the money and the credit for their craft that they deserve.”

Digital streaming is a controversial concept in the music industry because artists don’t typically earn as much compared to when people purchase hard copy albums.

Logan mentions digital streaming has not effected their business and people are still purchased hard copies.

With another icon lost, Logan says it’s not about focusing on his absence, but the legacy he left behind. Going to the beat of your own drum and sticking to your roots.

“I know he was against a lot of the digital streaming services that were really popular now a days He was more about how things used to be people would actually buy physical copies of CDs and records and stuff,” says Logan.

The autopsy results are expected to be reveals in the upcoming weeks.


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