ODESSA, Texas (KMID/KPEJ)- The Press Cafe team is hoping to make an impact this October to help women across the Basin.

In 2020, amid a global pandemic, Pink the Basin’s annual fundraising luncheon was canceled. That’s when Press Cafe employees launched the first Dine and Donate week, and donated 100% of revenue earned, more than $30,000, to Pink the Basin, which helps women in the area gain access to potentially lifesaving, cancer related services. This week, from October 16 through the 21, the team is hosting the fundraiser once again. 

Press Cafe said it’s a “mutually beneficial partnership”.

“Pink the Basin receives vital donations, while West Texans can relish in delicious, freshly prepared meals for breakfast, lunch, or early dinner. The funds donated to Pink the Basin will remain within the Permian Basin region, directly aiding local women with breast cancer screening diagnostic services,” Press Cafe said in a news release.

Press Cafe is located inside the Sewell Ford dealership at 4400 Parks Legado Town Road. For more information, including business hours and menu options, visit this Facebook page.