PRESIDIO, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) – Presidio Police Department is anticipating a significant increase in traffic congestion, on Highway 67 leading into Presidio, during the Thanksgiving holiday.

The Police Department says this has caused major traffic issues in the past, primarily due to the large number of vehicles entering the small community.

In response, the City of Presidio Police Department and Presidio County Sheriff’s Office will be working together to help minimize traffic disruptions on the highway.

To achieve this, officials are requesting the public follow these guidelines:

  • Remain in your vehicle for your safety
  • Vehicles may exit the line at convenience stores for fuel, food, or rest and re-enter where they exited
  • Vehicles are not allowed to cut in line and should expect to be sent to the back of the line if they do so
  • Police will provide an escort for Presidio residents and visitors into town, helping to ease congestion and make a smoother travel experience into Presidio
  • Along the highway, there will be digital message boards providing instructions and guidance. Law enforcement officers will play a critical role in ensuring safety on roads. Assisting travelers can help to reduce traffic congestion and minimize potential hazards.
  • Travelers are being encouraged to stagger their travel days to minimize traffic, ensuring a safe and enjoyable holiday this season.

Traffic alerts will also be available on the Drive Texas website.