President Trump hears from local oil industry leaders at luncheon


ODESSA, Texas (Big 2/Fox 24) – Hundreds of President Trump supports gathered at the Odessa Marriott Wednesday. Some, even having the opportunity to speak with him and share their thoughts on the local economy, oil and gas, and the significant job loss in the Permian Basin.

“We are just trying to educate him too and have his people listen to us on some of the things we can do differently especially using American oil first with our refineries in Texas they don’t have to buy the foreign crude. That’s one of the messages we gave him,” said Kirk Edwards, the CEO of Latigo Petroleum.

Edwards sat at the table with Trump and he’s hoping he will take this information back and formulate a policy that will allow west texas to recover sooner than later.

“I think he was really talking to his base, talking to his audience, and I think everybody was very happy with the message he delivered and more appreciative of him just coming to see the oil and gas region of Texas and understanding that things aren’t that great here and we still need some help to recover head,” said the CEO.

Edwards added that a lot of the people in West Texas are appreciative of Trump and thinks he wants to try and deliver when it comes to helping the oil industry.

“I think it energized him in his speaking I think everyone really enjoyed it. His personality, his vibrance came out from his speaking.”

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