Midland, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) – Established in 2016, J. Pilates is an upscale boutique Pilates studio dedicated to giving you the best workout for your entire body. The Pilates Method began as physical therapy but can adapt to your specific needs to achieve the fitness outcome you are looking for.

The origin of Pilates began back in the 1920’s by the physical trainer Joseph Pilates for the purpose of rehabilitation. He began his practice working with wounded and injured soldiers returning home from war. The work being done also grew in popularity among the dance community as well with many celebrities of the day visiting his studio. It offered a chance to improve technique or recover from injury.

At J. Pilates they offer the following classes for any level of expertise:

REFORM– Tone the entire body by elongating muscles, building core strength, and enhancing coordination and body control.

POWER– Get the ultimate results by using a variety of equipment to diversify your workout. Use hand weights, body bars, resistance bands, and more.

GENTLE– Use the Pilates Reformer and Tower to rehabilitate and rejuvenate your muscles and mind by stretching and breathing.

If you’re looking for a more personalized experience, J Pilates also offers private one-on-one sessions to work with it’s clients individually. In doing so, trainers are able to help you target specific areas in your body that may need more attention as well as assist you in perfecting your technique.

One of the more popular classes of the week takes place every Friday. The Pilates facility hosts it’s “happy hour” session which includes an upbeat class pumping today’s latest hits followed by some post workout beverages. That’s right, beer and wine are available free of charge to help you unwind and kickoff the weekend!

If you want to try out a class or learn more on what J. Pilates has to offer, head to their website here.