MIDLAND, Texas (Big 2/Fox 24)- You may have seen their iconic sign just off of Wall Street in downtown Midland, but the Midland Map Company is more than just a sign. It’s been an oilfield staple since it’s opening in 1950, and has always had a mysterious reputation.

“There was always that kind of myth in the market that these guys were creating these maps using quill pens and hand drafting these incredibly small letters and these detailed reports on these maps,” Silas Martin, General Manager of Land Products at Enverus, says.

The manager at Midland Map Company turns that myth into fact. “We were using quill pens and dipping them in the ink and the ink would splatter and go all over the map,” Cedric Johnson says. “It took me about six months to actually figure it out.”

They do still hand-draw maps at their location downtown but after an acquisition by energy tech company Enverus, they turned their hard copy into a digital, interactive map. “The user wants to see what the ownership looked like in 1962, it’s the click of a button and they can actually recreate that snapshot in time.”

The software can pull up records for any Permian Basin county. Employees used to have to drive to county courthouses to pull records, however through Enverus’ software, they can search those records digitally, updating that map constantly.

The map company does still print hard copy maps and can now print custom maps that weren’t possible before. Johnson knows that while they continue to push towards technology, the hard copies that lie in their old bank vault are a key part of West Texas history. “Just to be in this position, it’s an honor.”