House Republicans Visit The Permian Basin To Oppose Biden Policies

Powering the Permian

MIDLAND, Texas (ABC Big 2 / Fox 24)- Representative August Pfluger hosted House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California and Representative Bruce Westerman of Arkansas at Diamondback Energy in Midland on Wednesday. They toured an oil rig and all spoke on how President Joe Biden’s energy policies are hurting Americans.

In his time in office, President Biden has issued executive orders cancelling the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline and pausing leasing for drilling on federal land. According to his website, Biden’s goal is to be carbon pollution-free by 2035, and says he’ll create millions of jobs in clean energy. According to Rep. Westerman, that is not enough. “It’s embarrassing to see what’s happening with this administration. And what I don’t see from this administration is a plan.”

On an icy day in Midland, the rhetoric was anything but cold. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy slammed the Biden administration.”Check the price of gasoline right now and tell me where it is in a year. You can thank Joe Biden for that.”

Congressman Pfluger took the stand, saying that security for the oil and gas industry is security for America. He proclaimed at the beginning of his remarks, “We’re here for one reason and that reason is simple. Don’t mess with Texas.” He continued to say that any reliance on foreign oil would make countries like China and Russia stronger.

One thing that all three congressmen agreed on is that American energy independence and cleaner energy are not mutually exclusive. “When America is energy independent, we’re environmentally safer. So on the east coast when they bring natural gas from Russia, what does that mean? It’s 42% dirtier. American energy is cleaner than the foreign entities that are making it,” said Leader McCarthy.

Rep. McCarthy said that Republican congressmen are willing to work across the aisle, and work to provide jobs in an energy industry that is cleaner. He ended his remarks by urging Texas Democrats. “Don’t follow Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden. Follow your constituents. Care about the jobs, care about the country. Join with us, reverse the keystone pipeline, allow people to produce their energy here in America, and make us stronger.”

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