ODESSA, Texas (Big 2/Fox 24) – Right now nearly 75% of Americans are eligible to vote by mail and as the November election quickly approaches rural counties, like many in the Basin, will rely heavily on mail-in voting.

Jon Mark Hogg, the Democratic Nominee for TX Congressional District 11 said, “Especially in rural areas the postal service is a great service that our country has. It gets to everywhere but we just do not know what the impact of what is happening about the postal service right now is going to be.”

Of all the voters in district 11, 28.34% live in rural areas.

“Folks are trying to get prepared for it you know but we obviously need people to get out and vote to the maximum extent possible in a safe manner and so it’s going to present some challenges but you are right in a rural district it is increasingly important to have the ability to vote,” said August Pfluger, the Republican Nominee for TX Congressional District 11.

Hogg says particularly for elderly, disabled people, and those who have underlying health conditions voting by mail is important amid the pandemic.

“If you take away that right to vote-by-mail, to vote absentee in other words, you have essentially disenfranchised a huge population of Americans whose voices also need to be heard through the ballot box,” said Hogg.

Pfluger adding that “citizens who are worried about coronavirus can take advantage of early voting or request that ballot and do that early. As we get to election day you don’t want to wait.”