Police warn residents to lock cars


Odessa Police are warning residents to lock up their cars following several hundred car burglaries.

While police are keeping busy trying to catch burglars, they said we are at a four year low.

“This year the Odessa Police Department has responded to several hundred auto burglaries. Its becoming an issue here,” said Steve LeSueur, Spokesman for OPD.

This year, LeSueur said we are on track for 700 car burglaries.

In 2017, 745 auto thefts were reported.

Even more in 2016 with 1,050 car thefts.

In 2015, 1,115 cars were burglarized.

“We’ve had a lot of personal documents being stolen, some of the thieves are targeting weapons, personal documents- spare keys, things like that,” said Steve LeSueur, Spokesman for OPD, “then we have a group going around specifically looking for weapons another group that looks for personal documents so they can commit identity fraud and of course we have some that just look for everything.”

Odessa police reminding residents to lock your car. They say most of these groups just look for unlocked cars.

Also make sure all your windows are rolled up and dolt leave any valuable items in plain sight.

“Do not leave personal documents, okay. Whether its identification cards, anything with your name or address, personal identifiers avoid leaving that in the glove box or the center console,” said LeSueur.

LeSueur said this is especially important with the holiday season coming up.

If you have anything of value put it in your trunk before arriving at your destination. 

LeSueur said often these groups will watch people put valuable items, like purses, in the trunk when they get to the mall. That makes them a target.

To monitor crime happening in your neighborhood go to Communitycrimemap.com

OPD updates with website with every crime and calls of suspicious activity.

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