ECTOR COUNTY, Texas (Nexstar) – Holiday stressors can cause many people to take out their frustrations on one another and experts say that if not taken care of immediately, things can have a dangerous outcome.

According to the Ector County Sheriff’s Office, during the holidays they see an increase in abuse.

“During the holiday season when money is tight, people working longer hours trying to come up with more money and family are coming in so it’s just a stressful time of year”, says Public Information Officer for ECSO Shirley Hardee.

Local organizations like CASA of West Texas, offer aid to children who need replacement from unsafe living situations by providing children with a volunteer that dedicates time to monitor replacement for the child in need.

“Once a volunteer is assigned to a case and they become a party to that lawsuit…we ask that the volunteer visit the child in their placement at least once a month to find out how they’re adjusting”, says Sara Basaldua, Volunteer Coordinator at CASA West Texas.

Basaldua told us that abuse can happen to people of all ages but often times she sees cases of children who aren’t even old enough to attend daycare that gets abused.

“The ones that aren’t even able to speak for themselves are very high risk because sometime’s there are no outside eyes on them like the kids that go to school or a daycare”, says Basaldua.

Police and CASA of West Texas advise the public to report any signs of abuse as soon as possible.