Point, click, capture, first-ever selfie studio opens in West Texas


MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar) – Calling all the photographers, social media influences, and truly selfie enthusiasts to the BeYouSelfie Studio.

Jannie Mitchell is the reason for bringing this studio to the West Texas area because selfies are her thing.

“I’m a fan of selfies, I love taking selfies,” says Mitchell.

While it is the first West Texas selfie studio, selfies museums are becoming increasingly popular around the country. In fact, the idea to open one locally came when she realized the Basin didn’t have one.

“I went to a studio back in New York and I just fell in love with it,” says Mitchell. “I thought it was a cool idea especially just living in West Texas we don’t really have much and I thought then it would be a great idea to bring it.”

But the pandemic happened and that slowed down her plans but she decided now is the time to open.

“Back in March I just had that vision again I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat it was on my mind heavy and I just decided to go for it, and here I am,” says Mitchell.

As a first-time business owner Mitchell hopes her new business will serve an important role in the community for everyone to have fun.

“I wanted to make sure I could reach everyone’s different personalities, come to life,” says Mitchell. “For instance with the money room who doesn’t love money, making money moves is a whole new deal right now just good vibes just being vibrant I tried to make sure I was able to bring each vision and each background to light so everyone can come in and take part of it.

Some of the planned backdrops include as a: money room, girls room, newsroom, pick your cards room, and even a day at the beach room but really each room is to help people be themselves.

“BeYouSelfie Studio I’m all about being yourself with everything going on cyberbullying [and] people not feeling like they fit in, I want people to come here be themselves and have a great time,” says Mitchell. “I want to be able to promote self-awareness and self-love.”

The BeYouSelfie Studio is open to everyone. It is encouraged that you come in and check it out whether it’s for a birthday party, girl’s night out, or something fun it’s a cool place to capture some fun social media content.

The studio is open Wednesday through Friday from noon until 7 in the evening.

To purchase tickets and book out the studio check out their website.

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