WASHINGTON (KMID/KPEJ)- On Wednesday, the Biden Administration and the Interior Department announced it will not move forward with planned oil and gas lease sales in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska’s Cook Inlet. According to The Hill, a spokesperson for the department said the Cook Inlet lease sale would not proceed due to insufficient industry interest. Meanwhile, the planned sale of two leases, lease 259 and lease 261, in the Gulf of Mexico will not proceed due to contradictory court rulings on the leases, the spokesperson confirmed. 

The announcement comes at a time when president’s approvals have dropped on economic issues amid record high inflation and staggering prices at the pump. Now, Congressman August Pfluger has called upon Biden to pass the Midland over Moscow Act, legislation he introduced earlier this year. 

 “President Biden is blaming record-high inflation and skyrocketing energy prices on everyone but himself while canceling domestic oil leases at the same time. His war on American energy through ever-changing policies and uncertain regulations is only making it more difficult to produce energy here at home. I am calling on President Biden to immediately pass the Midland over Moscow Act, reduce barriers to increased production, and unleash American energy,” Pfluger said in a statement. 

The Congressman stopped in Midland in February to announce the proposed legislation which he called an initiative to strengthen U.S. energy independence. 

“The Midland Over Moscow Act will force the Biden Administration to develop an energy security strategy and fuel the world with American—not Russian—energy,” said Pfluger. “It will halt the Nord Stream II pipeline and unleash American liquid natural gas exports to fill the needs of our allies. It is long past time for President Biden to put Midland over Moscow.”

If passed, Pfluger said the act will:

  • Force the Biden Administration to develop an energy strategy to counter Russia and strengthen U.S. energy security.
  • Reimpose strong sanctions on the Nord Stream II pipeline.
  • Reduce the barriers for American energy producers to increase exports of U.S. Liquid Natural Gas.