Permian Road Safety Coalition


Permian Road Safety Coalition, which has been an ad-hoc industry commitee, has now transitioned to being a full-time non-profit organization after recieving funding from 15 Oil and Natural Gas Industry Operators 

Lacy Sperry, Anadarko Manager of Community Relations, “companies and organinations like anadarko and other individuals are interested in championing road safety initiatives by supporting the efforts of the permian road safety coalition”

Scott Scheffler says although Oil and Gas companies are sponsoring PRSC the road issue is much bigger.

“I think when you look at the stats its not an industry problem really it’s a community problem,” Scheffler says.

PRSC hopes holding educational forums throughout the year where the community can come and learn road safety tips will bring long term benefits.

Accodring to Scheffler his long term goal is to “ultimately is to a really to see a just drive down the numbers of fatalities on the roadway.”

Scheffler says he hopes smaller companies can benefit from these forums also.

The Executive Director adding that “Big Operators, the large companies, like the Anadarko’s or the Shell’s for example, they have a good safety practice. They have a good record, they know how to get this part right in their business. It’s time now to share those learnings and that information with the smaller companies”

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February 07 2021 05:32 pm