Permian Basin Restaurant Week: Garlic Press special deals menu during Hunger Action Month


MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar) – The Permian Basin Restaurant week is in full effect.

And if you are a foodie, you can get some great deals while helping the West Texas Food Bank during hunger action month.

Joshua Washburn, owner and executive chef at the Garlic Press is participating in the 4th annual Permian Basin restaurant week.

“Its been great I have to hand it to Craig Stoker himself and the West Texas food bank for bringing restaurant week to the Permian basin, Joshua says. “A lot of bigger cities have been doing it for a while and its only a somewhat recent occurrence that it’s been brought to the basin and we’re very happy and honored to be part of it.”

This specific partnership is near and dear to Joshua’s heart, every year his restaurant goes above and beyond for the cause.

“I came from pretty simple humble means, I was incredibly lucky I worked hard certainly but I was provided a lot of opportunities from others and food has always been important to me,” Joshua says. “I know it’s certainty important to others and we are a very high end restaurant that serves people that are of very well means it the very least that we can do to help people without means.”

The Garlic Press is a chef driven restaurant that provides a variety of dishes to the West Texas area.

“We pride ourselves in offering variety of standards classics and unique new and possibly cutting edge dishes at least for our local” Joshua says.

Diners must ask for and order from the special Permian Basin Restaurant week menu.

“We are including a bit of variety on the menu we have selection of appetizers and or salad soups and the entrees,” Joshua says. “We are pretty proud of that.”

When diners take their first bit Joshua wants them to feel the love it took to prepare their dish.

For the full menu of The Garlic Press and to vote the best restaurant for a chance to win $100 gift card click the link.

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