Permian Basin Restaurant Week: Barrel & Derrick special deals menu during Hunger Action Month


ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – The Permian Basin Restaurant week is in full effect.

And if you are a foodie, you can get some great deals while helping the West Texas Food Bank during hunger action month.

Food and beverage director for the Marriot Hotel and Conference Center located in Odessa, Alysa Batson is excited to partner up with the West Texas Food Bank.

“I think a lot about food because it’s so important to us and so important to family value it’s important to culture it brings everyone together,” Alysa says.

To her this partnership is about giving back.

“Knowing that this particular cause is driven by somebody who is so passionate, Craig puts people first,” Alysa says. “He thinks about how can we help and help the community and how far can we reach and spread our arms love and joy and so I think really honestly partnering with that having people come out because there is a huge donation that is made off of this we definitely put our best foot forward.”

Alysa says Barrel & Derrick was built from the ground up by native Odessans and this particular restaurant is all about highlighting what the culture of Odessa has to offer hence the name Barrel & Derrick.

“We are higher end, we are sophisticated, we want you to have a good time, says Alysa. “But either way jeans and t-shirt more than welcome, you want to dress up and have a great night we just really want to curate that experience.”

Diner must ask for and order from the special Permian Basin Restaurant Week Menu.

Executive Chef of Barrel & Derrick, Sarah Wilson is using this week as the first week of the fall season to highlight the fall taste in her menu.

She says when Diners take their first bite she wants them to feel like it’s are that is ready to be eaten.

“I want them to eat with their eyes first, I want them to be really excited about what they are about to eat and not really want them to dig into it is because I want it to look like art, Executive Chef Sarah says. “But then at the end of the day I want that plate completely clean cause I think that it shows that they are happy and that they enjoy themselves.”

For the full menu of Barrel & Derrick and to vote the best restaurant for a chance to win $100 gift card click the link.

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