Permian Basin Gives Telethon: Agape Counseling Services of West Texas


ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – Basin PBS and Big 2 have teamed up to raise money for local non-profits calling it: Permian Basin Gives

There is an ancient saying that goes closed mouths do not get feed and for Robin Poole, board member of Agape Counseling Services of West Texas the analogy resonates the same.

“There’s absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help,” says Poole.

Agape is working to better the Midland/Odessa community one clients at a time.

“Luckily here at Agape we’re able to serve so many people and each of those individual changes is going to disperse throughout the community and how we deal with one another,” says Poole.

The non-profit agency makes counseling accessible to all.

Anna Van Fleet, licensed counselor says every session is filled with non-judgement.

“All of our clinicians are non-judgmental, they try to bring hope into that place each session and make it a hopeful, caring, comforting place for them,” says Van Fleet.

Whether you’re a teen or adult, counselors can help you through almost anything ranging from anxiety and depression to even marital issues.

I have the beauty of seeing them in their distress when they come but watching that transformation take place. Watching them learn how to calm themselves and hearing the stories of success has they put that into action,” says Van Fleet.

At Agape, counselors center their practice around Christianity but no matter your faith the door will always be open to help clients.

“All of our counselors are Christians and so we are actively seeking God and there is an eternal significance that is present there,” says Van Fleet.

More information and donate submission is on the Agape website.

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