Permian Basin averaging more than 10 car deaths a month this year

There has been 46 fatalities in total

PERMIAN BASIN, Texas (Local 2/Fox 24) - It's the news story that's become all too common. Car crashes on Basin roads, leaving one or more dead.

"They are both up a little bit at this point. Depending on the area, somewhere around six to ten percent," says James Beauchamp, President of MOTRAN.

And since January 1 of this year, car crashes have been the cause of 46 deaths in our area. That's averaging more than ten a month.

"Anytime you get more activity and more land miles, just through natural inclination you are going to get more crashes out there," says Beauchamp.

Roads with heavy oil field traffic tend to be more dangerous. For example, Highway 302 and 285 have seen multiple crashes in recent months.

"People in cars don't realize if that truck is fully loaded out at 80 thousand pounds and some of them are heavier than that," says Beauchamp. "They can't just stop on a dime like you or I can in a passenger vehicle."

As the population grows, law enforcement says a greater number of car crashes follow. However, solutions could be right around the corner.

"The number one improvement you can make to any roadway is adding a full eight foot shoulder," says Beauchamp. "Eight foot shoulders save lives, and they provide a greater return than any other investment you could have."

View below to see every crash fatality this year.

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