PECOS, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) – The morning started with some good news for the Pecos Police Department.

Yesterday, we ran a story about some training services offered by the Pecos Police Department to businesses of Pecos and the surrounding area. Within that story was a mention of some shields that had been purchased for the officers; but the station was still 10 shields short of being able to provide one for every officer.

This garnered the attention of a local hometown hero turned business owner, philanthropist, and current Texas State Senate nominee; Derek Zubeldia. He spoke to a producer and explained that he would be happy to pay for all ten shields. Zubeldia stated that he was very supportive of positive change in the community and wanted to ensure that an entity that provides so much to the community was going to be able to continue to do their best with the addition of these shields.

This morning, Zubeldia met with Pecos Police Chief Lisa Tarango and Captain Juan Vasquez to present them with the check for the remainder of the shields. Chief Tarango said she was very grateful to have the support of the community and people like Zubeldia who is always willing to lend a hand including assistance with the upgrade of a building for Harmony House and the department’s use during child interviews.

Today’s donation means that every one of the officers will be better equipped to protect the City of Pecos if or when the need arises.