PECOS, TX. (KMID/KPEJ) — Pecos-Barstow-Toyah ISD has quite the reason to celebrate. Less than a week ago the district officially broke ground on their new elementary school.

Superintendent of the district, Brent Jaco, says this is the first building of a new school in Pecos in almost 50 years.

The new Pre-K-1st Grade campus is being paid for by funds from the May 2021 bond.
A lot of new construction is in the works for PBTISD.

“Its the third official groundbreaking for the district in less than a year. However we have six other constructions projects, and we will have another official groundbreaking in less than a month.” said Jaco.

Jaco said teachers were an integral part of classroom layout and design.

“Every classroom will have its own restroom, which is very important for this Pre-K through First grade group.” said Jaco.

The community has played a huge role in what will go into the campus.

“Beginning in June of 2021, almost a year ago, we began this design process of this campus. A committee of teachers, community members, and even students came together to decide the layout of this campus.” said Jaco.

The library was chosen to be in the center.

“That would encourage literacy in all students, and give them the courage to explore the world through reading.” said Jaco.

There will also be three massive courtyards, and one specifically to host families and future events.
The design was also specific to give space to school staff and students for years to come.

“In the coming months, teachers, coaches and campus administrators will be involved in selecting furniture for the campus. This campus will be designed by the people who will be there every day.” said Jaco.

The campus will include a 1,000-foot drop-off lane to ease traffic in the area, a stream, music, along with art rooms, focused learning nooks, and collaborative learning steps.

The campus is expected to open for the first day of school in August of 2023.