PECOS, Texas (Nexstar) – The Pecos Animal Shelter has successfully transported multiple pets thanks to the support of the Trans Pecos Dusty Paws Rescue GOFUNDME page and generous donors from the community. 

In January, the Pecos Animal Shelter was able to safely relocate Penelope and her three puppies to their foster homes in Fort Davis, Austin and Seattle. 

According to the staff at the Pecos Animal Shelter, Penelope and her three babies: Potluck, Picnic and Phoebe arrived at the shelter on November 16th in very poor condition. Thanks to several donors, the family of four was given the medical care they needed and have now been adopted or are currently waiting on adoption with a foster.

As a result of the transports, the Pecos Animal Shelter has seen a significant rise in adoptions like these.

The group has created a GOFUNDME through TransPecos Dusty Paws Rescue to help raise the money necessary to vet and transport the animals they rescue. They also look to the community to assist with donations such as towels, blankets, and pet carriers. You can visit the Pecos Animal Shelter Facebook Page to find out more about how you can help.