PECOS, Texas — There are so many cute dogs and cats at the the Pecos Animal Control Facility, but not everyone will get a forever home, so there’s a push right now to make sure more animals aren’t euthanized.

The shelter has been working hard to get their animals into safe new homes, and now, the people in Pecos are doing everything they can to save those furry friends.

After three sibling puppies were sent to areas outside of Texas, for a new home or the chance at a new home, the puppies became an inspiration to the community.

“They were ground transported from Seattle to Portland and now they are with OTAT and that is an organization in Portland, so they are available for adoption in Portland,” says Pecos Animal Control Supervisor, Kristi Wright.

“We could overpopulate this facility on a daily basis,” says Wright.

The shelter says, like many other shelters, they continue to be flooded with animals on a regular basis, and while they work as hard as they can to find forever homes, it takes a village.

Now, a lot of people are jumping at the chance to do everything possible to help raise money to find more homes for the animals.

Cindy Pietro, a Pecos resident says, “After seeing that story, we were just inspired to do something to help out, there’s plenty of fundraising that can be done to help the shelter out.”

Pecos Animal Control Facility is supported by the Trans Pecos Dusty Paws Rescue, which is the organization helping them raise more money to help care for the animals.

Wright adds, “Where those funds go is to pay the vets directly and pay for any transportation costs associated with the animals were getting out.”

But even with this organization providing some funding for the shelter, sometimes it’s not enough, and the community wants to do much more.

“We do know the importance of donating some funds to help the shelter out, because it is an issue here,” says Pietro.

If you’re looking to help out the Pecos Animal Control Facility or a facility near you, or maybe you’re just looking to adopt, check out local Facebook pages for more information.