ODESSA, Texas–A lot of people are fed up after a local park is vandalized and ends up covered in graffiti, now they want something done about it.

Many locals saw the disturbing images spray-painted at the Prairie Peet Playland Park, located in Sherwood Park, and they’re upset because it’s a place for kids.

Odessa resident, Daniel Alger is the one that informed the public through his Facebook page.

Alger says, “this is kinda serious. I mean this is a kids park.”

Now many people are upset after graffiti – including some that’s believed to be satanic symbols – were found spray-painted on playground equipment.

Alger continues to say, “it’s not right for people to be doing this and so as we get further around, further around, it’s all over the place, it’s on the ship, it’s on the concrete, it’s on all of it, I mean, there’s not a single section of it that doesn’t have it covered”

The Odessa Parks Department has been informed and is now working to clean it up.

The Director of the Odessa Parks Department, Steve Patton adds, “it’s an unfortunate situation because it does leave a mark of the equipment like it does here and it will cost the taxpayers quite a bit of money for us to go in and clean it up.”

A lot of people are also hoping that the city can do something to prevent vandals from striking again.

“I hope the city can either spray paint the disgusting symbols that are on all the toys or clean them off or whatever. Maybe sometime in the future, the police could patrol late at night to keep vandalizers from doing this stuff,” says Odessa resident, Laurie Woodlley.

After his post on Facebook, Alger and many others on social media are hoping to work together to spray paint over the graffiti… but city park officials say they need permission first.

“The most important thing, you know, take pride in your city, take pride in your parks. We work hard to try to provide a quality parks system for the citizens and well our efforts are to provide a fantastic parks system for the citizens of Odessa and help us take care of it too,” mentions Patton.

We’re told crews will be out remove the graffiti and also perform an inspection of other parks in the area and if at any point you see any suspicious activity at any park, you can call police.