ODESSA, Texas–Have you noticed some shelves at local pharmacies are more empty than usual? A lot of items you could normally get at the pharmacy are hard to find right now.

While the coronavirus continues to spread, West Texans are also dealing with cold and flu season. And now, pharmacy supplies are starting to get low.

Sunflower RX pharmacist, Brian Meyer says, “We’ve been selling a lot of Dayquil, NyQuil, Robatussin, any kind of cold products, Theraflu, they are getting short in supply and we’re having to reorder more frequently, and often times the warehouse is out as well.”

Local pharmacists also say their supplies are scarcer than ever throughout these weeks leading into the new year.

“Of course, we sell a lot more, but it’s a little unprecedented, the warehouses are running out as well, so everywhere is obviously selling a lot more of it lately,” adds Meyer.

Of all the supplies that are running low, the hardest thing to keep stocked is COVID-19 test kits.

Meyer continues, “We’ve ran out of the cases, the same day we get it in and that’s our number one call the past few days.”

Some local pharmacists said they are luckily able to restock almost as soon as they run out. So, if you can’t get what you need today, you should check back the next day.

“Usually, we get product the next day, sometimes two days, but it’s pretty quick,” says Meyer.

But if you urgently need medicine or a test, you may have to look elsewhere from a pharmacy.

Meyer says, “We refer them to like an Urgent Care, or somewhere that may be doing the testing there, but even then, they’re running behind, and it’s long lines and a lot of places are just out as well.”

Of course, if you’re not feeling well, it’s also recommended to talk to your doctor about your symptoms, as they can help determine if you may have the cold, the flu, or COVID-19.