A New York Giants plane was spotted at the Marfa municipal airport last week, according to airport officials.

An employee at the airport tells Local 2/Fox 24 that owner of the New York Giants, Steve Tisch, was in town from May 9 – 11.

The employee shared a photo of the plane pictured above.

The employee says he believes Tisch was in town just to visit Marfa.

Current mayor of Marfa, Dan Dunlap, also says he heard the Tisch was in town but added that it isn’t rare to see celebrities pop up in his city.

“It happens all the time,” Dunlap said over the phone Monday morning.

“They don’t ask us for anything…people don’t chase them (here).”

The New York Giants website lists Tisch as chairman and executive vice-president of the team. It says that he purchased 50 percent of the team in 1991.It also indicates that he has a background in television and film. His bio states that he has production credits for films that include Risky Business and Forrest Gump.