OPD conducts an operation to get drivers to move over or slow down when they see emergency vehicles


OPD conducted their Move Over/Slow Down Operation this past Thursday and were on the look out for drivers not being safe around emergency or service vehicles

Cpl. Steve LeSueur says “even after warning the public we still issued approximately 26 citations.”

ODP says they want people to know their goal for these operations is not the money 

LeSueur adding, “our goal is to save lives.” Police say Odessa in particular has trouble following the Move Over/Slow Down Law.

The Public Information Officer says, “it’s been an issue in Odessa within the last couple of years. We’ve had incidents where OPD Officers have nearly been hit by vehicles while officers are conducting a traffic stop”

But it’s not just OPD, this involves TxDOT workers , Fire Personel, Truck Drivers as well.

TxDOT PIO, Gene Powell says “there is fear for the people in the work zones or in our case being first responders.”
OFR says it not only puts them in danger but adds time when they need to help someone fast
“Your Fire Fighters, your Paramedics, your Police Officers, they get frustrated. You know we’re trying to serve the community,” says EMS Chief Rodd Huber

OPD is hoping these operations will finally get the word out  and get drivers to be safer
“Basically if you’re, for example, on the 191 and it’s a two lane highway and there is either a police officer or a TxDOT worker or tow truck driver on the side of the road you are required to switch lanes”

And OPD wants to make it clear, not abiding by these safety guidelines is against the law.

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