OPD and DPS crack down on illegal commercial truck routes

The operation was conducted on Monday

ODESSA, Texas (BIG 2 / FOX 24) - Local law enforcement is on the hunt for drivers violating the truck driving route city ordinance. 

The Odessa Police Department, alongside the Texas Department of Public Safety, conducted a commercial vehicle enforcement operation on Monday. 

The results of the nine hour campaign were 44 stops, 25 of those ending in citations. 

Corporal Steve LeSueur says it was a successful operation. 

"Several warnings were also issued. Out of all of those stops, there were a total of 207 violations found," said LeSueur. 

The department's report says "a total of 32 trucks and 4 drivers were also put out of service as a result of the operation". 

Trucks that fall within the ordinance have: 

  • A manufacture's gross weight rating of more than 10,000 pounds. 
  • Are a single unit vehicle with tandem axles
  • Are truck-tractor/semitrailer combinations. 

Trucks that fit that description are required to use Interstate 20 or Loop 338. 

"We've been making lots of stops and what we found is that a lot of these companies, a lot of these drivers do not have the proper documentation," said LeSueur. 

If you have to take another city route, LeSueur says to be prepared to show documentation that proves you're making a delivery in the city. 

"We do have signs throughout on the edge of all of the city limits that warn the drivers," said LeSueur. 

LeSueur says the department even has an officer currently being trained to be a lookout for violators. 

"The goal is for everyone to be safe. As you know, we respond to a lot of accidents on a regular basis and a lot of those more serious ones involve 18-wheelers," said LeSueur. 

As for the operation, LeSueur says more can be expected in the future. 

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