MIDLAND, Texas (KMID/KPEJ)- A Midland man is behind bars after police said he broke into a vehicle and stole some golf clubs and later sold the stolen clubs online. Kevin Garrett, 29, has been charged with theft.

According to an arrest affidavit, on April 29, a man called Midland Police Department to report a vehicle break-in. The victim said he parked his truck and left his keys inside and that all the thief had to do to gain access to the vehicle was push a button on the door handle.

According to the victim, the suspect made off with several debit and credit cards, a wallet, the truck keys, a golf bag filled with clubs, and the victim’s personal identification; in all more than $3,600 worth of property was stolen. Witnesses at the scene said they saw a white Tahoe with black rims parked near the victim’s truck just before the break in. 

In May, the victim spoke with detectives assigned to the case and said he saw that an online seller out of Lubbock had listed his stolen clubs for sale. That seller later told police he’d purchased the clubs for $400 from a Midland man, identified as Garrett.

On May 18, detectives spoke with Garrett via telephone and Garrett denied stealing the clubs. He said he’d found the clubs, as well as the other stolen items, in the laundry room of a shared apartment, which he dubbed a “party house”. Garrett implied that “shady people” coming and going from the apartment building must have been the ones who stole from the victim. He later admitted he knew the clubs were stolen but sold them anyway. 

When the detective told Garrett he was going to request an arrest warrant, Garrett reportedly said he would reach out to family and try to get the money to pay both victims back in exchange for not going to jail. However, the victims reportedly stated they were not interested in compensation. 

On May 19, an arrest warrant was issued, and Garrett was taken into custody on June 24. He remained behind bars as of Monday afternoon; his bond has been set at $10,000. 

Law enforcement agencies across the Basin have seen an increase in vehicle burglaries the last few months and have shared the following prevention tips:

  • Close your windows and lock your doors.
  • Take your keys and hide your belongings in the trunk if possible.
  • Avoid leaving valuables, including firearms, spare keys, and personal documents inside your vehicle. 
  • Park in well-lit areas when possible. 
  • Report all suspicious activity, including suspicious people and vehicles.