MIDLAND, TX. (KMID/KPEJ) — There’s a new man in charge at Midland College and he’s got big plans for the future of the school!

“Our emphasis at Midland College is on students, it has been on student success. Our data has bares those successes out. We’re gonna continue to build new programs and create new opportunities and focus on what students want and need and on the other end of that what business and industry wants and needs,” said Dr. Damon Kennedy, the new President of Midland College.

Dr. Damon Kennedy is currently the Vice President of Instructional Services at Midland College and has held various positions at the college over the past 18 years working there.

Dr. Kennedy previously served as Dean of Social and Behavioral Sciences and Business at the college and is a West Texas native himself.
He earned a Doctor of Philosophy in American History from Texas Tech University and a Masters of Arts and a Bachelor of Arts in American History from UTPB. He says he’s excited to continue giving back to his community.

“I had a good feeling about it but still pretty shocked, pretty pleased of course, this is where I want to be, so also really relieved and really grateful,” said Dr. Kennedy.

He gives the Midland College Board of Trustees the highest praise for their swiftness and sense of urgency to fill this leadership role.

“I’ll be honest with you, it’s something I thought about doing but hadn’t really considered with the timing,” said Dr. Kennedy.

Dr. Kennedy said he started playing tennis at Midland College’s facilities at just 7 years old; Since then, he’s held various positions within the school, spanning a total of 18 years.

“I’ve held almost every position you can hold in instruction, I was an adjunct instructor, I was a professor of history, I was a lead faculty member which is the equivalent of a department chair, I was a division Dean and a ven vice president of instructional services, so there’s not much of a position I haven’t held,” said Dr. Kennedy.

He’s excited to get to work and improve several aspects of the campus and school as a whole.

“It’s always a balance, it’s a balance of managing the good work that’s ongoing, taking a look backward at infrastructure improvements that need to be made. There’s going to be a healthy balance of those kinds of things. Then it’s planning for the future we’re going to jump right into creating a framework for a new strategic plan, looking at a master facilities plan, there’s already some great work going on with MISD in regards to CTE facilities, so that will continue. That’s pretty progressive work and it’s going to be pretty impactful,” said Dr. Kennedy.

He says he’s always wanting to hear from students, and local families on what can be improved.
His email and phone number can be found on the website’s directory, and asks anyone with new ideas to give him a call!

“Looking forward to staying engaged with the community and forming partnerships and enhancing our presence in Midland,” said Dr. Kennedy.

“I immediately want to begin to engage with students at meetings, forums, and one on one meetings. I already do that but it’s largely with honors or PTK students, but we definitely want to hear from students because they have the greatest insight into what the campus is doing or not doing for them, so we definitely want to listen to what they have to say,” said Dr. Kennedy.

Midland College will make the leadership change official on June 27th.