Oklahoma family calling for more answers after kindhearted teen daughter’s death ruled suicide


PRAGUE, Okla. (KFOR) – A heart-broken family is asking for more answers after the death of their 14-year-old daughter was ruled a suicide.

“If she saw you and you didn’t have any friends, she’s going to come up and talk to you. She’s going to be your friend,” said Alaunna’s mother Heather Williams. “She was a very empathetic person.”

Alaunna Raffield’s parents said the high school cheerleader was also passionate about baking. They said she used her talent for birthday parties or fundraisers for those in need.

“The world outside of town won’t ever get to know her or see what she could do,” said Alaunna’s stepfather, Kevin Williams.

Early on December 8, Heather said she found Alaunna’s cold lifeless body in the garage with a gunshot wound to the head.

Eight months later, the heartbroken family is still missing a crucial piece.

“The pistol was several feet from her body,” said Williams. “She was laying on her back and Heather had her head cradled.”

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Alaunna Raffield

Prague police and the medical examiner ruled her death as a suicide. However, Alaunna’s family said things don’t add up.

“She was right-handed and the shot was from the left side,” said Williams.

Prague police allegedly said the small pistol was too heavy for Alaunna to hold.

Williams said investigators said Alaunna cocked the gun with her left hand while the gun was in her right, then switched the gun to her left hand, supporting it with her right hand as she shot herself in the head.

The Williamses are also questioning why more tests weren’t run, including dusting for finger prints on the gun and testing for gun powder residue.

“No gunshot residue test done on her hand or on her clothing or her head,” said the teen’s stepfather.

Investigators did run tests on the sweater Alaunna was wearing, but only after the funeral home washed it three times.

“Little triangular sample from each sleeve right there by the cuff and they tested it,” he said.

Results for gun powder residue came back negative.

“There’s still someone, probably, someone else who knows something about what happened,” said Williams.

News 4 reached out to the Prague Police Department, but no one was available to take our call.

Alaunna’s family said a scholarship is being made in her name, and the first annual Alaunna Toy Run starts this December.

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