Officials react to recent polls in the state of Texas


ODESSA, Texas (Big 2/Fox 24) – The most recent Texas poll show a razor-thin margin between President Trump and Democratic Nominee Joe Biden.

Trump’s campaign said that they have a quote ‘bigger and longer established presence in the state.’

Tisha Crow, the Ector County Republican Chair said, “I do feel confident that Texas will remain red but we can take nothing for granted and that is why every conservative has to get out and vote. There are certain areas that we know have been going bluer and bluer but there are counties that are strongly red and will become even more so and there are counties that are pink that will become bright red.”

Meanwhile, Biden is doubling down in Texas in an effort to show shades of purple.

Mike Collier, the Texas Senior Advisor for Joe Biden said, “He’ll make a major difference across the state, he will increase the democratic vote count in this part of the state I have no doubt about it. You don’t have to win 50% of Midland County to become the winner statewide. There will be far more votes coming out of Midland County for democrats then we have seen in the past.”

Both of them having some strong opinions on the first presidential debate that took place Monday.

“I thought it was awful I wanted to hear what people had in mind in terms of our future I know that Vice President Biden tried but he was shouted down by President Trump who has no plan,” said the Senior Advisor.

Local Republicans, like the Ector County Republican Chair, had a different reaction.

“It was very interesting it was very lively. There was a lot of energy there was a lot of engagement and I do think that the President showed his strengths and he showed how he wants to fight for the people,” she said.

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