Odessans react to abortion ordinance


ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar)-Mayor Javier Joven is pushing an ordinance to declare Odessa a “sanctuary city for the unborn.” This would stop people from having an abortion in the city.

Many Odessans have mixed opinions about this ordinance.

“I would advise the people to please vote for that. Because that is what we need in this world we do not need to be killing our children,” a resident of Odessa said.

While some say they agree with the ordinance others disagree and believe in the right to choose.

“I don’t think it’s right to decide for somebody else what to do or what not to do,” resident of Odessa said,

Many are asking for a separation of church and state.

“This allows me to do what I do. That allows us to choose who or what we believe in, “a resident of Odessa said.

Others think this matter has nothing to do with religion.

“Babies they do not know religion but they still deserve to live, “resident of Odessa said

District five City Council Member Mari Willis says she doesn’t think abortions are happening as often as some might think.

“There is not anybody doing abortions at this time,” Willis said.

The plan was to have a special election in November but as of now, nothing has been decided on.

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