Odessans debate over water facility improvements at city council meeting


ODESSA, Texas (ABC Big 2 / FOX 24) – The Odessa City Council is one step closer to approving $95 million dollars to make improvements to the city’s water treatment plant, but not everyone is on board.

City Council held its first meeting to debate whether to use $95 million in tax revenue on Tuesday night. Some Odessans say they are not happy about the idea.

“Not that we don’t need a new facility it’s a matter of how much we are paying for a facility,” said Clayton Smith. ” It’s reasonable some of the things we are going into need more transparency.”

“There has been no set plan, so to me, it’s kind of like saying a teenager needs a car and there like just hand me $100,000 just in case I need the most expensive car,” said Tara Gonzales.

“But there are some Odessans in favor some believe this money needs to be spent to prevent a failure of the water plant.”

“We need good water and we need it bad, said Larry Kerr. “Odessa is growing and we need good clean water.”

Some are concerned that they don’t get a say in how the money is being spent.

Hearings will take place in the near future where the public can voice their opinions. The next meeting expected to finalize this issue is July 27.

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