ODESSA, Texas (KMID/KPEJ)- In honor of the Marine Corps birthday, Advanced Odessa Hospital and Clinics held a special event to honor a local veteran. 98-year-old W.T. “Dub” Riley joined the Marine Corps in 1945, when he was just 18, and served in World War II. Here’s a look at his incredible life:

Born in 1927, Riley and his family settled in Odessa when he was a child. He worked on ranches and performed roustabout in the oilfield before enlisting as a young man. Riley went to boot camp in South Carolina, which prepared him for service on a naval base in Corpus Christi, where he served as a military police officer.

He was later sent to the D.C. area, where he trained agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and students on the proper usage of firearms. While in Annapolis, Riley coached President Jimmy Carter on the rifle range. After years of service, Riley returned to the Permian Basin and worked for Gulf Oil while attending Odessa College in the evenings. 

After leaving Gulf Oil, Riley became the production superintendent for GMW Oil Company and eventually started an oilfield business of his own, Rollco, in Odessa. He’s since become an author as well. 

His book, Reflections, shares the journey from his childhood ranch to the armed forces and the oilfield industry. 

Those who honored him today said that Riley is a proud veteran dedicated to our country and the Permian Basin.